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Why you should come to the GAC

Find out more about Africa's FIRST Global Athletics Conference.

The GAC is an opportunity to listen to and meet some of the trend makers, thought leaders and influencers in the global arena of running and track and field.

Never before has a conference brought together such a diverse range of people to discuss such varied issues relating to athletics. This will be a perfect time to network with similar minded people and be a part of spearheading change and innovation in the athletics world. Sport is about performance on the one side, business on the other and everything in between; so no matter what your area of interest, you will find something to grab your attention at the GAC.

Ideas will be presented in different formats to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and create a fun and interesting exchange of ideas. There will be keynote speakers, panel discussions, question and answer sessions together with snap interviews.

Trends and ideas to be discussed include:
» Media and Broadcasting
» High performance
» Hosting of events
» Sponsorship
» Managing volunteers
» Helping athletes create a life after sport
» Empowering women and girls through athletics